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Welcome Alumni

Hello, and welcome, Sacred Heart Alumni! We have finally embarked upon instituting an Alumni Association! Every student who attended Sacred Heart School in Saratoga, California is a member of our Sacred Heart School Alumni Association.

While we have our Sacred Heart experiences in common, the paths we have taken since leaving the school prove that our choices truly are unlimited..... and we have scattered literally all over the world!

Our goals for the Alumni Association are:

  • To assist our alumni to stay connected with their fellow classmates and maintain a sense of community
  • To support classes in organizing their class reunions
  • To promote fellowship among alumni and enable them to stay connected with Sacred Heart School through periodic alumni events and Mustang Messenger newsletter updates
  • To create and maintain an Alumni Council and Alumni Directory Website which, in turn, sustain the Alumni Association

We Need You!
No matter where you are you can help:

  • Contact fellow classmates and alumni and let them know they can update their Alumni Directory information.
  • Step forward if you would like to help plan your next class reunion.

If you are a local alumni:

  • Join the volunteer Alumni Council or one of its committees to help get things going!
  • Come join the team and have fun helping us to establish the Alumni Association!


Sacred Heart School in Saratoga, California was founded by Sacred Heart Parish and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Sacred Heart School opened in the Fall of 1957 with 50 students in each class in 1st-4th grade. 5th-8th grades were added over the next 4 years.